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Travelers want memorabilia to signify their trips. But the process of purchasing a souvenir can be time-consuming or frustrating. Travelers want to focus on the memories from the trip. A difficult time choosing and buying souvenirs is just troublesome.

How can we design something that is fun and delightful but also easy and hassle-free?


SouveNear is team project focused on delivering a point of purchase (PoP) kiosk for consumers who want a quick and easy souvenir shopping experience. SouveNear is a kiosk prototype that offers local souvenirs for travellers on the go. I worked with a group of engineers to help create a high-fidelity kiosk stand with functioning interface within a month and create our vision of a potential PoP kiosk.


This project focused more on prototyping so much of our research was informal. We focused on souvenirs as products and capabilities of vending kiosks. We also looked at why people get souvenirs, examples of vending kiosks, and trends of kiosks that target tourism. From our research, we had a few insights:

  • Popular souvenirs included pins, magnets, postcards, keychains, and shot glasses.
  • Many people prefer something small but still sentimental and unique to the destination.
  • Some people want an easy and convenient way to shop for souvenirs while others put in more time to browse souvenirs in local areas.
  • Kiosks at the airport and tourism branded kiosks generally target tourists.


Based on the info we gathered, we thought of some potential users who would shop for souvenirs and their needs. We focused on the shopper who wanted convenience as we felt a kiosk would better suit their needs than the shopper who wanted an immersive experience with local vendors.

The Study Abroad

Bonnie wants to find souvenirs to remember time abroad but has difficulty with the language. Having a souvenir kiosk would be convenient but still allows her something special to remind her of Japan

Married to Work

Divorced and too busy to spend all the time with kids, Mark wants to show his love as much as he can and seeks other ways outside of his busy work schedule. Kiosk is quick to use and allows customization for a personal touch

Travelling CEO

Travelling can be very tiring for the workaholic. Still wants to bring back gifts to friends and family but too tired to go to shop. A much easier way is through the kiosk.

The storyboards highlight the user journeys of some of the persona.


I made a style guide based on a moodboard my team and I collaborated on. We wanted to think about the theme of our kiosk and where it would make sense to have a souvenir kiosk. Since our targeted demographic is travellers, the airport made sense as initial location for our kiosk. Thus, our aesthetics were inspired from images of wanderlust and travelling.


We made some paper prototypes to test on users on the basic user experience of the screens and adjusted with edits whenever users stumbled upon an error. Once we were content with the basic flow, we moved on to creating digital mockups so that we could have something for user testing.

Paper Prototyping


I created some mockups to show how the basic user flow would be. We were not sure on the expectations of fidelity for the end iteration. As such, we created a one-time purchase user flow which allowed users to quickly understand the functionality of the screens for users.

My teammates helped to create the physical kiosk using cardboard pieces, spray paints, velcro attachments, and a handy dandy X-Ato knife.
The first iteration started off with a couple of stacked boxes. The top box had a slot to place the kiosk screen (tablet in this case) in using velcro to adhere the two objects together. There were also slots created to mimic a payment mechanism. Though rudimentary, the prototype was enough to user test and gain feedback.

User Testing

After interviews with users and feedback from TAs, we gathered some important feedback regarding our designs:

  • Users found it inefficient to being limited in only being able to buy one item at a time.
  • The current selection was limited and did not give a full understanding on the screen flow.


After discussing other alternatives, we decided to address the issues by adding a cart functionality so that people can add multiple items before purchasing. We also simplified the visuals so that the screens were less overwhelming and easier on the eyes.

Our user testing resulted in some new changes including starting completely anew with our kiosk build. We decided on a slanted screen to create a better ergonomic experience. We also made a separate payment terminal to make it more clear where to pay. We also painted the kiosk a sky blue reminiscent of our airplane theme.

Final UI Screens

In our final iteration, we created a poster to serve as a form of marketing collateral for our kiosk. I worked with Jason to design a poster with our branding guidelines. Jason worked on the initial iteration and created a nifty poster with airplane aesthetics. I helped to brush up the visual elements with colors, graphics, and formatting to align better to our style guide.

Kiosk Demo

Feel free to check out our kiosk demo on Figma.

For the full experience, purchase two 'Sun Diego' pins and one 'San Diego Chargers' keychain.


Teamwork at its Prime
I was fortunate to have teammates with different skills to work with on this project. Our final deliverable would not have been possible without everybody contributing their fair share of effort. I also just had a great time creating a kiosk with a fun concept. This is the first project where I helped to create the physical parts of a prototype and I am grateful to have this experience.

Future Iterations
When we presented our final kiosk, some people suggested more ways to personalize souvenirs for a more personal touch. I think if we had more time, we would have allowed more customizable options for users such as laser printing names or branding to make the souvenir more meaningful.
I would also add a language selector feature as I imagine this kiosk could expand to any travelers from across the world.

Thanks for reading. ✈️
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