Nice to meet you, I’m Celine.

I graduated from UC San Diego with a degree in Cognitive Science, specializing in HCI and a minor in Computer Science. My design interests include graphic and visual design. Currently, I am a digital designer for Chai Diaries.

I've had an interest in design since a young age. My first exposure was designing a Wordpress fansite for Club Penguin 🐧. It wasn't the most technical form of design but it did spark my interest in the field. Being able to create graphics and think about what content to put was my first unofficial dip into the design pool. Many years later, I'm still desigining for school, work, and myself!

Outside of design, I have a special love for cats and tea, two of the many things that bring me joy. Currently, I have taken an interest in making matcha drinks and cute stationery. I got an art journal for 2021 in hopes that I can continue being creative without any pressures of perfection or time. Outside of creating, you can find me playing on my Nintendo switch or listening to Mitski on Spotify. 😌🕹🎧

If you would like to talk, please feel free to contact me. I’m only a click away! 🌞